Business Owners, Executives, IT - do you remember everything about your data?

Don't leave knowledge of your data in your head or ineffective spreadsheets. Use our purpose built GDPR Solution called Erudite.

Check your compliance!
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Just how GDPR Compliant are you?

If you can say yes to all the below, congratulations! If not, read on.

  • Do you log all requests from Data Subjects?
  • Have you logged owners for each Data Domain?
  • Have you documented the legal basis for processing all data?
  • Can you evidence you know where data comes from?
  • Do you have a record of what data retention policy applies?
  • Can you be sure you respond within one month?
  • Do you keep records of who has access to data?
  • Do you record data breaches?
  • Are the risks for your data captured and scored?
  • Are you aware what's special category and which of your Data Domains this applies to?

Demonstrate your compliance

Simple and effective features help ensure you capture what you need for GDPR and Data Protection Act compliance. Make light work of documenting data, risks, breaches and requests. Subject Access Requests get simpler by having the option for self-service or your call-centre requests simply and consistently.

Never miss a deadline

Built-in workflows ensure reminders are emailed and tasks created to keep you on track and on time! With the GDPR, you only have one month to complete requests and with each one having their own deadline it gets hard to keep on top of where you are.

Simple Dashboard

Summary of key areas for requests, risks and their statuses! No more looking through piles of paper or spreadsheets to find out how many of each you have, what progress is being made. Our Dashboard clearly shows if you can rest easy or you've work to do.

Make GDPR less daunting

Simple and effective features help you ensure you capture what you need for GDPR and Data Protection Act compliance.

Log Requests

Log requests from the public including Subject Access (SAR) and Right to Be forgotten and get reminded to complete them on time!

Manage Risks

Data has risks, capture them in Erudite so you can manage your data and risks together.

Data Usage

Keep clear and simple records of who has access, where it goes, who's responsible, where's it stored and more.

Know your data

What data categories are present, what is the basis for processing, where did it come from etc.

Log Data Breaches

Whether you report it or not, you must record a data breach. ICO friendly format.

Mobile Optimised SaaS

You worry about your business and managing your data, we'll run this Service and keep it available.

Stop waiting.
Start complying.

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Prices start from as little as a monthly mobile phone contract.

We offer pricing dependant on business size because the more you use and store, the more resources are used in the cloud.

Please get in contact to discuss our options. Either pay monthly or annually, sensible minimum terms apply.

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Our Free Trial gives full access to the functionality for a time limited period so you can fully explore our GDPR Solution called Erudite. Our no obligation Free Trial will let you see how our GDPR solution can add value to your business and make compliance with GDPR simpler and less daunting.

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